Our Story

The core members of the LBI team have collaborated extensively in other corporate vehicles to successfully build companies from the ground-up, as well as strategically participate in value-accretive M&A activity, particularly in the global resources sector.

What we Do

  • Investment Strategy
    • Utilise deep industry experience and extensive networks to identify strategic investment opportunities that represent               exceptional value.
    • As LBI actively manages the investment potfolio, the company has a preference for investments in public entities due to        the liquidity advantages.
    • Particular emphasis on opportunities where LBI can catalyse corporate restructuring and business combinations led by             successful management teams.
    • LBI takes activist stakes in companies that meet strict investment requirements and adds value by providing advice on             financial and strategic issues, as well as leading restructuring of undervalued assets, as appropriate.
    • LBI is not an exploration or research company, but has provided seed funding for new and emerging companies with               proven and disruptive technologies.
  • Target Growth Profile
    • LBI is targeting above 25% p.a. growth with a target portfolio value of $30 - 50 million in 2020 (portfolio value is inclusive    of additional capital raised).
    • LBI invests exclusively in companies management assess to have very high-growth potential (3 - 10x growth) in the near-       medium term (within 1 - 4 years).
    • LBI intends to remain flexible within the portfolio to ensure the company is able to participate in outstanding                           opportunities identified or developed by management and/or associates.

Who We Are

  • The Team
    • Extensive Experience - over 100 years of resource, cleantech and M&A experience.
    • Successful Track Record - proven capacity as company builders and activist investors.
    • Corporate Alignment - board and management own approximately 60% of LBI.
  • John Byrne - Executive Chairman
    • John has 40 years experience in the natural resource industry as a financial analyst, investor
      and mine developer.
    • Formed and mentored Cambrian Mining Plc in 2002. Cambrian started with net assets of
      GBP£1.4 million and before being acquired in 2008 had net assets of GBP£149 million.
    • John has been Chairman and CEO of numerous successful resource companies, including Western Coal Corp              which was capitalised at less than C$1 million when he joined, and was sold for C$3.3billion in 2010.
  • Bahay Ozcakmak - Executive Director
    • Extensive corporate experience ranging from business and corporate strategy development through to CEO and      director level roles in the energy and resource sectors. Recent experience with resources has been with companies    focused on cobalt, gold, lithium, nickel, uranium and potash projects.
    • Founded two succesful companies in the cleantech sector, both acquired by listed companies.
    • Led the successful acquisition of several cornerstone projects in the energy and resource sectors.
  • Ross MacLachlan - Non-Executive Director
    • Ross has been involved in energy, technology development and commercialisation as an active venture capital         investor and executive for over 30 years.
  • Keshwaran Thurairasa - CFO & Corporate Secretary
    • Kesh has been involved in managing corporate finance and associated public company administration for over 25     years.
  • Alwyn Davey - VP Corporate Affairs
    • Alwyn has extensive legal and commercial experience in relation to the management of public companies                 including in the technology and resource sectors for over 20 years.