Kalina Power (ASX:KPO)

Project Info

  • Company  Kalina Power (ASX:KPO)
  • Approach/ Strategy  Seed Investor / Advisor
  • Website  http://www.kalinapower.com/
  • Issued Capital  1.1 billion shares
  • LBI Holding*  30 million shares

Project Description

Company Description – Kalina Power (ASX:KPO) is a clean power company looking to have carried interest in $300 million of new power projects using its proprietary technology in Alberta Canada.

Strategy – Kalina has a proven technology for taking waste heat to produce power. It has designed a system to bolt onto a conventional gas turbine to produce greater efficiency for attractive returns. It is initially focused on using stranded gas assets in Alberta but the design will equally apply to any gas turbine at a time when shale gas is abundant. We would expect the share price of Kalina to rise significantly over the next few months should management be successful in financing just one plant in the next three months.

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