Elementos Limited (ASX:ELT)

Project Info

  • Company Elementos  Limited (ASX:ELT)
  • Approach / Strategy  Instigated Acquisition / Advisor
  • Website  https://www.elementos.com.au/
  • Issued Capital  2 billion shares

Project Description

Company Description – Elementos Limited (ASX:ELT) has two tin projects the most important of which is Oropesa in Spain. Approximately $US30 million has been spent exploring and completing feasibility studies on Oropesa which is arguably the best undeveloped tin projects in a world in which tin is emerging as one of the most essential metals

Strategy –Two years ago tin was identified by Rio Tinto as the metal most impacted by  new technology. Despite this, there are no large internationally listed pure  tin companies.

We believe Elementos has the potential to fill this void. We expect ELT to be in position to start building the Oropesa mine early in 2021 and be in production eighteen months later.

LBI has assisted in the development of a financial plan to support a strong local team with the experience necessary to execute the development. As the market digests this we expect the valuation of the company to increase significantly.

STRATEGIC INVESTMENTS in the Resources Sector

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